How many classes are in each session?
Music Together of Davis offers three 10-week sessions each year (winter, spring and fall); a 6-week summer session may be offered some years.

How long is each class?
Our weekly classes are 45 minutes in length. Drums and/or other instruments are available before class so everyone has a chance to play and get acclimated. We invite you to arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled start-time, so that you can begin class feeling relaxed; arriving early also may ease your child(ren)'s adjustment. If you are running late, consider singing our ritual "Hello Song" while on your way!

How many children are in each class?
We limit our enrollment to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 registered children, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances, and make-ups may result in more than 12 on a given day.

What is the age range of the children?
The majority of our classes are designed for "Mixed Ages" (newborn through 5 years and 11 months); we also offer classes specifically for "Babies" (newborn through 8 months) and "3's, 4's & 5's" (3 through 5 years and 11 months). Please see Class Descriptions for more information.

Why are most classes "Mixed Ages" and not separate for different age groups?
Early childhood educators see tremendous value in mixed-age learning environments. While older children learn from being in a leadership role, younger children benefit from watching and imitating their older classmates; and such experiences promote social skills and self-esteem. Furthermore, children of the same age are not necessarily at the same stage of musical development, and the curriculum is designed to teach many levels of complexity at once.

What do you do in class?
Our classes are all about musical play. We sing, chant, dance, play instruments, and improvise in a fun, relaxed, and non-performance-oriented setting. Our focus is on supporting children in their process of exploration and discovery while not directing their behavior. Children are given the freedom to participate according to their developmental level and temperament; some simply watch and listen intently, quietly absorbing the class experience, while others play and experiment with their voices, bodies, and an exciting variety of instruments/props.

As a parent/caregiver, what is my role in class?
Parents and other primary caregivers -- regardless of their musical background and abilities -- are the most important influences in a child's musical life. Central to our approach is that young children learn best from the powerful role model of adults who are actively participating in music-making. The more involved and enthusiastic you are during class (and at home!), the more comfortable and engaged your child will be.

What kinds of instruments do you use?
We play drums, triangles, tambourines, resonator bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, and other percussion instruments. Scarves, balls, kitchen "instruments," parachutes, puppets, and other props also enhance our musical play.

Are the same songs presented from week to week, and from session to session?
No. There are nine different song collections, and a new collection is offered each session over the course of three years (after which the cycle repeats). Each collection features 25 to 30 arrangements of both original and traditional songs and chants, representing a wide variety of tonalities, meters, and cultural styles. We generally explore 10 to 12 songs each week.

Are any materials provided with registration?
Your tuition includes: 2 professionally recorded CD's of the music used in class (one for home and one for the car!); a beautifully illustrated songbook with activities to enjoy at home; and "Music Together® at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically" (booklet and DVD for new families), which addresses the "why" behind what we do in class.

What is the cost for a 10-week class?
Please see Register for a Class! for specific information. Tuition is discounted for alumni families, as well as for siblings; and infants 8 months and younger (as of the first day of class) attend free with a registered sibling.

Is it OK for more than one adult to come to class? What about visitors?
Absolutely! Additional adults who are involved in your child(ren)'s life are always welcome (no need to ask). Other children -- e.g., siblings, cousins, friends, etc. -- are welcome to visit on an occasional basis without charge (any child attending on a regular basis must be registered).

What if my child(ren) cannot sit still for 45 minutes?
We do not expect the children to sit still throughout class, or to do exactly what the adults are doing -- that would not be developmentally appropriate! Children are encouraged to move about freely, and to participate according to their individual development and temperament. Exploring away from our immediate circle is totally fine, provided that the attending adult is supervising the child's safety; and when a child wanders, a grown-up may take the activity over to them (either to engage them where they are, or to gently bring them back to the circle).

Can you provide a demonstration class for our play group?
We are happy to bring the Music Together experience to you (instruments included!), or to schedule a class for your group/organization at one of our locations. For more information, please contact Karen Crane: (530) 848-9188 or mtofdavis@comcast.net.

May I preview a class?
Yes! We invite you and your child(ren) to attend a free sample class, to see if Music Together is a good fit for your family. You may either arrange to sample a class that currently is in session, or sign up for one of our designated sample classes (offered prior to our Fall and Winter sessions) on our Sample a Class! page.